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Skin, Skincare, Virginia Stone, Giveaway, Ecobeauty, Organic beauty, Organic beauty blogger, Organic Eye Cream It’s true! I’m away a gorgeous, luxurious, organic eye cream by Virginia Stone to one of my lucky followers and I know you’re going to want to enter to win this eco-lux product worth $255 because – who wouldn’t?

Originally it was the flawless images that directed my attention on Virginia’s Instagram when I was browsing one evening that made me stop and reach out to her immediately.

Certified in Nutrition, Herbology, Iridology and Holistic Modalites, Virginia infuses new-world science with old-world inspiration — including traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine giving her a truly holistic understanding of beauty. I asked Virginia where she came up with the idea to create a skincare line based on three skin tones (Kavesi, Jasari and Odaja) opposed to the standard oil, normal and dry skin types that we see on most products and what she has to say completely changed the way I think about skincare.

Working in a spa and giving personal consultations to each of her clients to receive maximum results, she came to realize between her experience and studying biology that the skincare industry was working off a broken model by not focusing on the vastly different needs that each skin tone so obviously had. For example, a fair skinned client is going to have thinner skin, more sensitivities, more prone to allergies and no natural sun protection compared to a dark skinned client with thicker skin, natural melanin to protect them from sun damage with pores that clog easily. And in fact, characteristics such as oily, normal and dry are typically caused from something within caused by diet, stress and dehydration so treating it topically just doesn’t make sense – that’s true – so much of your skin’s health comes from within!Skin, Skincare, Virginia Stone, Giveaway, luxador, Organic beauty, Organic beauty blogger, Organic Eye Cream

Each skin tone in Virginia Stone’s collection is completely different from the others to address the individual needs, taking months to formulate properly with layered ingredients that compliment each other to attain maximum benefit using each ingredient created using essential oils and natural ingredients with a purpose. While its nice to enjoy the natural scents of essential oils, it’s important to remember that they can be misused – especially on the face as skin there tend to be thinner and more sensitive.

Kavesi is for those with fair skin (this includes me) such as white or peach skin tones – this might be those who are British, Irish, Eastern European and so on – and concentrates on calming redness, repairing and strengthening without too much weight or essential oils making this the least potent formula of the three. Jasari is a medium skin tone which also concentrates on evening out skin tone but is a more potent, heavy formula because the skin can handle it better. A medium skin tone would be a beige, olive, yellow, dark honey complexion. This could be someone who is oriental or darker Italian for example. And Odaja, the most potent, made to deeply penetrate the skin without sun protection because it is already naturally occurring within their skin and sufficient especially when living in North America. These skin tones are a darker espresso color such as those who are Indian or African American for example. It is very important to note when you are evaluating your skin tone that this is your natural color – not what your skin looks like after a few days lounging on the beach this summer.

Skin, Skincare, Virginia Stone, Giveaway, luxador, Organic beauty, Organic beauty blogger, Organic Eye CreamSuch an eco-lux product couldn’t possibly just come in any container but instead comes in a gorgeous, light-weight stone box that is the most ideal packaging because not only is it a completely sustainable material but it also keep the raw materials cool and refrigerated to keep the fresh ingredients alive.

What’s next for this brand is a line of personally customized products that allow you to input your specific concerns to formulate the best possible overall formula that addresses anything from anti-aging to acne and everything in between. Now this is what I’ve been waiting for!

I’m so happy to have come across her brand and honored to share it with you because it is more than just a beauty product but a revolutionary brand that is raising the bar for beauty everywhere.

To enter, go to my Instagram here or search for me @BeautyAndWellnessCoach then follow me, @luxandeco and @MyVirginiaStone and tag a friend under the giveaway image on the top of this page – winner will be announced on July 27th.

This product is available for sale on Lux & Eco for a special introductory price of $215 compared to the original price of $255 until September 1st.


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