The Worst Beauty Habit

I have a confession… I have the worst beauty habit that I struggle to break and I’ve been keep this dirty little secret for years and something we’ve all done before. I’ll admit it, I hate taking off my eye make up and most nights I sleep with it on. I will always wash and tone my face to get that extra make up residue off no matter how tired I am (I’ve literally slept with my make up on once and lived to regret it, my face didn’t let me live that night down for a month!) but eye make up seems so minor – I mean is it really doing to cause any harm? Its not like its going to make me break out, right… Right??



First of all, the mascara, eye shadow, liner – all of it – is going to inevitably rub off on your pillow and you’ll be sleeping on a dirty pillow case all night –  until the next wash. I try to change mine once a week and use only organic detergent so not to irritate my skin with chemicals or dirt but even so going a week setting that beautiful face on a mascara covered pillow is questionable regardless of how green/clean your make your routine is.

Even worse is that this make up can settle into the pores and fine lines of your skin and cause wrinkles over time. The skin around your eyes is especially delicate and thin so it should be treated with the utmost care – no rough exfoliating or pulling and thin moisturizers and eye creams only please!

I have been keeping Kaia Natural’s Juicy Bamboo natural facial cleansing oil cloths next to my bed for the past few weeks now so I have zero excuses not to take it off. kaina-naturals-1

The first thing you’ll notice is the super cute packaging but once you open it, it’ll be hard to stop yourself from munching on these makeup wipes because they smell like those jelly Lifesavers candy you had as a kid (… or last week) and technically you could because they’re all natural but, I wouldn’t recommend it. The bamboo used for the cloth is organic, biodegradable and unbleached and the  honey is also organic. While there are ingredients that seem unfamiliar, the website does a great job of breaking down what each ingredient does and why it is necessary to maintain the product’s quality. These all rate low on the Skin Deep Database if you were to double check them. Each cloth has vitamins B12, C and E as well as jojoba & sunflower oil and citrus essential oils. While these are certainly considered to be natural I do want you to know they’re not 100% organic as some of the oils are not organic however is a much better alternative to typical Neutrogena makeup wipes which are laced with questionable ingredients and hormone distributors.

Get them HERE

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