The Benefits of Eating Clay

Yup, that’s right, I did say “eating clay”. You may have heard actress Shailene Woodley mention that she brushes her teeth with this Bentonite Clay. Though she did bring some attention to this awesome healing clay, I’ve noticed it still doesn’t get the attention it deserves for all the benefits it can provide. This inexpensive (about $5) “dirt” can do so much good for our bodies!


What Can Bentonite Clay do for me?

Bentonite Clay is amazing for detoxing as it absorbs everything around it. So, when you ingest it, it attracts and absorbs the toxins in your body and essentially acts as an internal vacuum. On the other hand, because it absorbs everything, you also want to be careful and make sure that you are using only pure, filtered water and not combing this with your smoothies, juices, etc.

How Do I Eat it?

Usually you would purchase this in a powder form that is either grey or beige in color. I’ve heard of a few methods to consume clay but its really just a matter of preference!

-Stir it into some filtered water and leave it overnight to allow the water to absorb some of the clay and drink just the water in the morning

-Mix with a little water to form balls and a few drops of food grade peppermint oil (this can be a convenient way to take clay with you on to go – maybe a pre-yoga snack!)

-Mix with water to form a paste and drink with a big glass of water


Personally, I like mine best just mixed with just enough water to form a paste BUT I do want to warn you that when you eat clay, you want to be sure to drink PLENTY of water along with it as it can really…. get things backed up otherwise (especially the 100% sodium based clay!).


Of course if you’re brushing your teeth with  Bentonite Clay you’re going to be absorbing some of its wonderful healing powers daily! I will admit I do not make my own toothpaste at home (though I do opt for fluoride free) but I am experimenting with homemade toothpaste recipes that taste and feel great which I look forward to sharing soon.

Bentonite Clay Face Mask:

I’m sure there are many other variations on this but here are the two that have worked best for me, they’re so quick and simple to make!


Bentonite Clay and water:
Use filtered water and clay to make a paste and apply a thin, even layer all over the face to remove impurities. Try not to talk or move your face much while you sit with the mask on or it will start to crack when it drys.

Bentonite Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar:
I use Dr. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) because it has “the mother” (which is a natural yeast that comes from the fermentation process) and add just enough to the clay powder to form a paste. ACV is great if you have dark spots, acne or acne scars BUT be warned: it is very strong and should be introduced slowly. I would recommend starting with just a touch of ACV  and using water in addition if you need to thin it out.


Sit and relax (meditate if possible!) with this mask on for about 15-20 minutes until it feels fairly dry on your face and wash it off using a warm towel. Enjoy your beautiful new skin!

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