Lux & Eco’s Holiday Party at 20 Pine Spa

20-pine-st_spa-loungeLet’s face it, working out is hard. Going out into the blistering cold to hop on a tumblr_m09qtwnLBS1qgvr5btreadmill next a bunch of sweaty strangers isn’t always my favorite part of my day. However, I think its fair to say that if we all had a gym and spa that looked like this in the basement of our building, we all may be just a bit more excited to go.

After a quick work out at Complete Body’s weight and cardio room imagine heading to this beautiful, relaxing sanctuary to unwind at their 60-foot pool Pavlovian or Turikish bathhouse, followed by a massage and facial.

This gorgeous spa is located at the luxurious building 20 Pine in New York City. And if you’re in the area, I’d say its one of many spots worth stopping by!

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