Silver Shield: Acne And Problem Skincare by Zyderma HS

DSC_0648PSEDITI’m so excited to share this product I came across at the Indie Beauty Expo back in June because I know this can help treat so many conditions – I’m talking acne, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, herpes, rosacea and more.

Living in New York City, I’m subjected to a lot of daily pollution in addition to the average every day interactions with make up brushes, touching my face and making phone calls causing bacteria to grow and cause breakouts. Now, we all know diet and hormone health/PCOS play a role in our skin’s health too but I will say, that environmental toxins can play a big part too. Zyderma HS product specialist Kelly Muciy tells me that bacteria and fungus can grow back on your face as soon as 30 mins after you wash it… Yuck!

A lot of products promise results like this but what’s really amazing is how this product delivers these results. The technology behind this clarifying cream lies in microsilver silver which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus because silver naturally has antibacterial properties. In fact, many people use colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic however the particles in colloidal silver are much smaller and would allow for your body to absorb it however microsilver particles are too large to be absorbed. So pretty much this lets them stay on the surface of your skin and maintain a silver shield where ever you apply it for a full 24 hours.

Although it doesn’t allow for the bad stuff to grow, it does allow for the good stuff to grow! The good bacteria on your skin can finally have a chance to outnumber the bad guys which is important in treating most skin conditions.

I use mine twice daily and saw a difference as soon as the morning after using it on my acne and overall skin condition. After washing my face I always use a toner to get any residue off my face before applying anything on top then put on a generous amount of Zyderma on at night and just a tad less in the mornings under my make up. While most acne creams use harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, this one doesn’t – instead adding a little moisture –  and is really comfortable to wear under make up because it is so lightweight.

This product is my #1 must-have especially now that I am traveling to Asia shortly and as excited as I am to go, I’m not so excited for the long flights and air pollution there either so I’m bringing a full bottle as ammo against any potential breakout causing bacteria!


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