Reading This Post Could Save Your Health: The Dangerous Impact Your Beauty Regimen has on Your Body

When I wake up every morning, I must use around 20 beauty products just on an average day. I imagine that brushing your teeth, washing your hair, putting on antiperspirant and make up are mindless tasks that all of us do without even thinking as soon as we get out of bed. I mean, we’ve been doing it for as long as we can remember so why stop to think about it and question it, right?    organic-beauty-products (1)


Did you know that about 90% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream? So, if you’ve ever wondered why your make up seems to have disappeared at some point throughout the day, it may be because your body has absorbed it! Yikes!

I had never thought anything of using ordinary products from my convenience store on a daily basis. I put a lot of thought into what I do and don’t eat like many of us do these days but… I had no idea that my pretty, floral scented bath products and face wash were hiding the ingredients I was going to such great lengths to avoid!

The more I learned, the more aware I became of all of the side effects that were associated with many of these harmful chemicals. I’m not talking about small effects either, like weight gain, cellulite and acne but seriously life altering and life threatening illnesses such as infertility, kidney and liver damage/failure and even cancer.

Wow! When I learned this… it was a huge wake up call.

96754-300x199-Organic_beautyIf I wouldn’t put it in my body, why would I put it on my body?

The more I learn about this and talk about it with others, I find there is still a huge disconnect and lack of awareness between the products we use and our health. That is my inspiration for writing to you. I hope you will share this information  and this post with everyone you know and love to protect them from the harmful effects caused by the products we use daily.

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