Announcing Partnership With The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

Many years ago I watched a video on the harmful effects of everyday cosmetics and personal hygiene products we use that made me question what “healthy” really meant to me and about a year after that I sat in the office of Lux & Eco on my first day when owner/founder, Jacquelyn Willard, told me to watch the same video on my first day at work. I am so excited to announce that Beauty And Wellness Coach has partnered with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the creator of that video which inspired me to question the safety of these products, on their mission to pressure the cosmetics industry to make safer products through education and governmental action. It is undeniable that the current lack of regulation in the cosmetics industry is almost nonexistent and therefore unacceptable. The rate at which illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, hormone disorders and cancer have increased in recent years is surely due to the increase in foreign substance in our environment – not only the air we breath and the food we eat – butCosmetics also the things we put on our body which is eventually absorbed through the body’s largest organ – our skin. This campaign is a branch off of the Breast Cancer Fund which works to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals, radiation and environmental factors linked to the disease. The nonprofit organization and its coalition has shed light on toxic chemicals still used in every day cosmetics which as led to an increase in demand for more safe and natural beauty products with less harmful chemicals. Thanks to the campaign, hundreds of cosmetics companies have agreed to fully and honestly disclose the ingredients they use and to pledge to avoid the use of chemicals that are unsafe to the body which has proven to be not only possible but profitable and in high demand by consumers today. I am looking forward to working with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to bring you the latest news in nontoxic beauty, working with their chemists to better understand which ingredients we should be on the lookout for and why, to bringing you information on the progress on the bill in progress to ban certain chemicals from our cosmetics to make them safe and lobbying to make this movement possible. I am honored to be a part of the same organization which opened my eyes and brought awareness to my products and ultimately led me to my position as the buyer for Lux & Eco & to blog about the importance of the topic!

Watch the short video HERE.

Photo Credit: Ryan Stushnoff

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