Metta Skincare Moisturizers Are A Summertime Must Have

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MettaSkincare, organic skincare, beauty blogger, organic beauty blogger, natural skincare, eco beauty, eco chic Moisturizing is not only a winter time necessity – our skin needs to be hydrated all 365 days of the year to maintain soft texture and prevent wrinkles. If you’re planning to have as much fun in the sun as I am this summer you best be prepared to restore the moisture your skin looses in both the sun and salt/chlorinated water. After getting my first sun burn this summer ( I know, I know – I didn’t have any non-toxic sunscreen
so I just tried to go without this once) I’ve been applying cold aloe leaves every chance I get and then topping it off with Metta Skincare’s organic, luscious moisturizers. All of these products are “lovingly handmade in Melbourne” with all natural, organic ingredients that are so obviously carefully sourced and well-made. We’re not just talking high quality ingredients but ingredients that are ethically sourced which is what makes it the perfect eco-chic product knowing that you’re supporting sustainable and ethical practices all while getting softer, smoother skin.Metta Skincare, Blogger, Organic, Beauty Blogger, Organic Beauty, Organic Beauty Blogger, Organic Body Butter, Organic moisturizer

All of these products have a very clean, pure lavender scent to them – and I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love that smell – that I’ve been using in place of fragrance because its so  calming. My favorite product from the collection was the lip balm which applies smoothly and leaves your lips feeling perfectly hydrated without any residue or peeling, chapped lips until I tried their face balm and now its a close tie. When you dip your finger into the Metta Face Balm, organic face balm, organic moisturizer, beauty blogger, organic beauty, organic beauty blogger rich, creamy, golden yellow jar you’ll know exactly what I mean – it feels like warm, melting butter. This has been especially essential to restoring the moister and healthy fats I lost in my skin after a sun burn with the primary ingredient: olive oil that is going to feel amazing on your skin without causing break outs.

Metta Skincare also makes a body butter, hand balm and body oil available on their website HERE.


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