Luxury Hydration For Your Lips

Fall is a gentle reminder that winter is steadily approaching us. The warm, sunny days of flip flops and iced coffee have turned to boots and hot cocoa and coming soon are dry, blistering cold days covered in snow.  Ready or not, here it comes, so we best prepare with some beauty products that keep your pout hydrated and smooth throughout all of the outdoor activities and daily commutes you have ahead of you.

Henne Organics is a luxury lip balm that I love for its pure, minimalistic ingredients and because of its gorgeous, high-end packaging that makes me feel a little more stylish every time I apply it. The ingredients are all super healing and natural so I know exactly what’s in it that’s keeping my lips so smooth and hydrated all day. Basically, Henne Organics has a lot of things you might even have at home and in just the right amounts, they whip it up and package it in a special little miron violet glass jar to maintain its potency. These ingredients include: coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, jojoba oil and vitamin E. There is no fragrance added – natural or otherwise – in this premiere product from this brand however they assure me that scented balms are in their future too. I especially use this one at night before I go to sleep (I can’t  be the only one who cannot sleep without lip balm??) because I know if it smudges all over my face when I sleep, the ingredients won’t make me break out and because it is unscented, I won’t be energized by the scent right before bed the way that some with a stronger scents like DSC_0622peppermint usually does (if you don’t believe me try sniffing some peppermint oil during your midday slump – it will perk you right up!).

Have you tried this lip balm? Prefer another natural lip balm? Leave me a comment below.

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