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We here at Lux & Eco “The Finest in Conscious Living” are honored and excited to be a part of Global Green’s pre-Oscar Gala once again this year. The Oscar’s are among the most prestigious events held and Global Green is known to hold one of the largest, star-studded, eco-friendly events to celebrate the event prior to the big event – we’re talking Suzy & James Cameron, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jo Lee, Miranda Kerr and so many other celebs who come out and show their support  of the eco-world. This year Lux & Eco was happy to put together beautiful gift bags for the attendees to bring home with them and enjoy a little taste of what our green brands have to offer without missing out sacrificing any of the luxurious quality. While yours truly will not be in attendance this year (but f83c5758-30eb-4678-a903-03b4d11f40fbhoping for next!) you can check out Green Living Magazine, The Chalkboard Magazine and Healthy is the New
Skinny for more updates on this fabulous event.

Celebrate with us by getting 15% off your purchase at Lux & Eco this week using promo code “Oscars”!

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