Indie Beauty Expo 2016 & My Top Picks

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I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Indie Beauty Expo for the second year in a row and experience the truly magical event put together by celebrity skincare specialist Jillian Wright. Gathering with so many people in such a beautiful space with so many of the green beauty’s prominent brands was an indescribable feeling. Knowing that this industry is growing so rapidly due to the demand is amazing – while I still meet many people who ask me “What is green/organic/clean beauty?” I’m surrounded by so many people who gathered in this space we are indie beauty, indie beauty, indie beauty expo, indie beauty expo nyc, IBENY16, Lux and ecobecause they found there was the need for clean beauty alternatives; enough so that they built a business out of it. So many of these people I am only able to meet in person every now and then (and some I haven’t yet met) but have connected on social media, spoken on the phone or read about each other. It’s almost like a reunion of friends in green beauty industry niche. There is so much to learn from the people who create these products whether you are new to green beauty or a professional – the combination of knowledge and heart in the room can’t compare to that of any other industry. This is the kind of industry that attracts people who are genuine and want to make a change in our world to educate and create products that promote holistic beauty and wellness – the kind of products that have long term benefits instead of long term side effects.

Here are a few of my top picks from this year’s Indie Beauty Expo NY:


Hydro Hair – Joerge Napoleon formulated a natural hair care option geared towards those with curly locks (or those who would love to have them on occasion like me) that’s made with 100% organic aloe.

GliSODin Skin Nutrients – This is the kind of skin care that really come from within. This brand uses the highest quality naturally derived ingredients for their six formulas. I got a sample of the brightening supplement that would be best to treat acne scarred skin and hyper-pigmentation but

Thorn & Bloom Perfume – An absolutely beautifully packaged and well formulated botanical perfume (because who needs synthetic fragrances?) that I love for the high-quality scent that lasts. I’m obsessed with everything rose scented so the “Wild Rose” is my fave but “Stranger in the Cherry Grove” is a more complex woodsy scent that I find very memorable.

Visha Skincare – Dermatologist Dr. Purvisha Patel formulated this line herself with the intention of creating an affordably priced, cleaner alternatives to brands like Rodan + Fields that didn’t poison people. Purvisha is also a PCOS cyster so she understands the skincare struggle but let me tell you – her skin is flawless! This is the first product I tried when I got home so expect a review in a few more weeks once I have enough time to see results (the bottle says about 10 weeks).ibe-heart

Vital Proteins – I have been Instagram stalking this brand for a longgg time now so I was so happy to finally meet in person and bring home a sample of both their grass-fed beef collagen and their collagen beauty greens because I’ve heard such great things about the product from improvements regarding hair, skin, nails to joints. The grass-fed beef collagen is tasteless and dissolves in warm or cold water so it’s a breeze to take.

MDSolarSciences – Sunscreen is so important. This is one of the products I strongly feel must be organic because the heat from the sun will open up your pores and take in more product into your bloodstream than others. After using one all summer that did not apply evenly, left a gross residue for days and didn’t blending into my skin at all – I am happy to find another non-toxic option!

Mother Dirt – Another Instagram find I was happy to meet in person, the concept of this brand is to allow your skin and hair to maintain a level of naturally concurring good bacteria because not all bacteria is bad bacteria.

While I was so proud to see that Lux & Eco already carries some of the brands that were in attendance, I was just was delighted to meet so many new brands and pioneers of this industry. Thank you for having me Indie Beauty Expo and I look forward to attending for many more years to come!

Here is a recap of the expo – I made it in here twice – can you spot me?

Indie Beauty Expo NYC 2016 Recap


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