I’ll Never Wear Antiperspirant Again

For some reason I always get funny looks whenever I tell people this but I promise I haven’t gotten any complaints that I smell (at least none that I know of!). I want to break down deodorant vs. antiperspirant for my readers because this is one product I am very passionate about you replacing from your daily routine right away!

The first product I switched over from conventional to natural was my deodorant and I recommend any one who is overwhelmed by where they should start.

Deodorant is used to conceal or cover odors.

Antiperspirant on the other hand, uses heavy metals (namely aluminum) to actually clog your pore to trap sweat in your body.

I have a major problem with antiperspirant for two main reasons: heavy metals are of course toxic to the human body and applying it to not only your skin but to such a sensitive area near your lymph nodes just sounds like trouble to me and the idea of preventing our bodies from preforming a natural detoxing function such as sweating can’t be a good thing.

Our bodies has a few ways of getting rid of toxins (without having to starve yourself on a juice cleanse for a week) and sweating is one of them. When you stop your body from doing what it is naturally inclined to do, you’re going to trap a lot of nasties in your body and add heavy metals to the mix – and no amount of hot yoga or leafy greens is going detox you unless you make a swap. Thankfully, its an easy one to make when you know what to swap it out for.

I was really nervous to make this change because I typically would re-apply my conventional antiperspirant 2-3 times a day to make sure I wasn’t sweating and smelled like a “Powder Fresh” or “Sheer Clean” all day long but it just seemed like I was piling on the product and somehow I would just keep sweating. It was a vicious cycle that needed to end.

I tried a natural product I picked up a convenience store at first and used it for a while and I actually noticed that I was sweating …. LESS! Well, it got worse before it got better but after a few days there was a noticeable difference. This brand didn’t quite get me through my entire day from morning routine to evening work outs so when I came across Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant I was so relieved. I no longer had to think about my underarms throughout the day – ever! All you have to do is scratch off a bit with the back of your nail and rub it under your arms. Boom. Done. You’re going to smell like essential oils (or fragrance free if you so choose) all day.

The main ingredients are shea butter, baking soda and essential oils so you’re not getting any toxic chemicals or fragrances and you can’t pronounce.DSC_0639

My favorite scent is lavender & sage so that is what I usually get but the bergamot & lime comes in second for me.


You can get a 5-Pack of all of the scents (including unscented) on
Lux & Eco. Believe me you are going to be all set on deodorant for a long time with this pack!

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Comment below and let me know your thoughts. What brand do you use?

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