An Intro to Holistic Wellness

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lisa Sheremet, I am the beauty and wellness buyer for Lux & Eco “The Finest in Conscious Living”, commercial print model and college student. I’d like to share with you what inspired me to start my path to holistic wellness and the impact it has had on my life. I can only hope that it will bring you as much happiness, health and enlightenment as it has for me!10713011_744320258981799_1477301943753157978_n

I have suffered from terrible acne since I was in elementary school. I mean horrible, embarrassing acne all my life that refused to go away no matter what I did. Despite everyone else’s assurance that this was “just part of growing up”, I grew tired of waiting it out with the hopes that one day I would wake up with healthy, beautiful skin. Years had gone by and I was feeling exhausted, hopeless and my self confidence was plummeting as a young teenager.

Then a few years ago I started noticing more and more fatigue to the point where I could hardly function. Every day felt like I was living in a haze or a dream.

I just knew…Life could not go on like this!

I started working a chiropractic therapist in an L7268office that treated much more than back pain. I couldn’t deny the incredible changes I saw holistic health make in the lives of so many people. The more aware I was, the more I felt compelled to implement it into my own life and the better I felt – and looked!

This is more than just following a diet but rather learning the benefits and the dangers of not only food but everyday products we use – all of the beauty and cleaning products we come in contact with daily – that seep into our blood stream and have unimaginable effects on our well being.

My goal is to share everything I learn with you and show you the easiest ways to change your life with holistic health!

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