Acupuncture & Herbs: The Best Things I Did To Clear My Acne

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Acupuncture is the best thing I did to get the most effective results – it isn’t a cleanser, supplement or diet. In fact, its something that can benefit everyone and probably you haven’t even considered for clearer skin.

I absolutely swear that my two secrets to skin I never imagine could be so clear is acupuncture and herbs.  Acupuncture is very effective in regulating hormones which covers many symptoms including acne, hair loss, poor sleep, weight loss and fatigue.

Most people have never tried acupuncture and those who have considered it, only think of it as a way to manage pain. While that is true, there are so many more benefits – especially when combined with herbs. In western medicine doctors are more focused on treating the symptoms, but eastern medicine looks at everything from a holistic perspective. Typically, they will look at your tongue, feel your pulse and ask plenty of questions related to digestion, sleep and diet.

Combined with herbs formulated for you, this can be very powerful in “teaching” your body to heals itself. The idea isn’t that you will have to go weekly of the rest of your life but rather that your body will learn to make the appropriate changes and heal itself.

Let’s Talk Herbs

Although it possible to purchase many herbs from a supplement store, online or at a specialty herb store, the problem is that the FDA does not test any supplements. Yes, I’m serious about this – you’ll see this disclaimer on any supplement. The dosage or potency of most supplements and herbs is not guaranteed and rarely checked by a third party lab. You may not be aware that it is diluted with something else or the dosing could vary drastically between pills in the same bottle. It’s pretty scary which is why I prefer to see an herbalist.

I go to an office which has a dispensary where they carefully weigh each portion for the right formula. It is common to alter formulas weekly as your body changes so it is a more personalized than taking a single herb. That can certainly be helpful but if you feel like you’ve already tried everything, seeing an acupuncturist (and ideally herbalist too) is something you should consider.

Please keep in mind that this does not work like western medicine in regards to immediate results. It has taken your body so many years to develop itself and it will likely take some time to reverse the things that need improvement. I went to acupuncture once a week for 9 months with herbs most weeks, and then stopped going in part because I already had great results. Recently, I did start to get back into the habit of going weekly. My skin continued to improve after I stopped treatment; about a year and a half since starting treatment I’m seeing the best results.

This is worth the wait and has been more effective (and permanent) than anything else I’ve tried!


If you haven’t tried acupuncture because you are afraid of needles…

I am too. I feel you – but despite that, I keep coming back because I
needed it to work. Eventually I did see the results which made it worth the discomfort. It really isn’t that painful but if you have a needle phobia then ou’ll understand, it’s all in your head.

The needles used in acupuncture are a 25th thinner than one used for an injection. They come in difference sizes so if you are nervous, ask for them to use thinner needles. I got to know my acupuncturist and developed trust for them, making appointments a lot easier. Some were even relaxing!

Personally, I prefer to go to a college with an experienced supervisor overseeing the students’ work. Students are eager to learn and the supervisors are patient and go above and beyond for their patients. I am seeing supervisor, Heidi Lovie,  at The PCOM (there is more than one location in the United States) as she focuses women’s issues. She also has her own private practice (click here) if you are uncomfortable seeing a student. Heidi has trained two dedicated students, Rich DiMatteo and Randy Cheung. Also, Aimee Raupp, graduated from this college PCOM, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, NYC Acupuncture and has helped women with hormonal and fertility issues. She is also an author, first time mother at 40, and creator of Aimee Raupp Beauty.

The results I’ve seen were unimaginable before I experienced it for myself. If you have tried or benefited from acupuncture please share your story in the comments!

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