3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Another Candle

bath-bathroom-beautiful-candles-Favim.com-747877There is nothing more relaxing than lighting a candle and taking a hot bubble bath after a long day to relax and relieve pent-up stress. I am obsessed with burning incense and candles. I love trying new scents and watching the flame dance while I enjoy a calming scent like lavender or sandalwood filling the room. On the other hand, using energizing scents like green tea or citrus (grapefruit – yum!) to perk me me up when I’m feeling exhausted or working late.

When I take a deep breathe of burning candles, it feels soothing and cleansing in a way – maybe that’s just me- but the last thing I want to worry about is if I’m actually breathing in anything harmful while I’m actually thinking I’m doing something good for me.

As a buyer for Lux & Eco, I have a few things in particular I bath-candleslook out for when I’m vetting potential candle brands and, of course, also when I consider purchasing them for myself or as a gift.

Here are a few simple guidelines:

  1. Avoid Paraffin Wax – Paraffin is chemical waste that is not made for us to breathe into our lungs or to burn into the environment. Beeswax is preferable but soy is a close second. Check to see if your candles are made with 100% soy/beeswax as brands often mix them to cut cost or to make the smell stronger.
  2. Check the Wick – It’s best to burn a 100% cotton wick but at least be sure to check your wick doesn’t have metal through the center if you’re burning it in a closed space like your bedroom.
  3. Fragrance –  Parfum is a very common ingredient in many products and is also one of the biggest concerns I have when I look for candles. Because artificial parfums have been shown to cause health concerns such as hormone disruption, I stick with only essential oil based scents. Sometimes an essential oil could be listed as parfum so its best to ask or do some research to find out.

Qualitas_EarthI want to tell you that you may notice a difference between a standard commercial candle and a natural candle as when a candle is not artificial, it doesn’t have as strong of a scent. Most likely, you shouldn’t expect a scent that you can smell from miles away like you might experience when using a Yankee Candle for example. These will have a much cleaner burn and a lighter scent. If you’re someone who doesn’t love the smell of essential oils, worry not! Oils and natural fragrances can be blended in a never ending variety of ways to create surprising scents like leather and cucumber!

I was fortunate enough to come across Qualitas Candles at a trade show during the summer and experience their beautiful product. Made with 100% white beeswax (all pollen and impurities have been filtered out), sustainably sourced beeswax and essential oils and natural fragrance oils, Qualitas Candles comes in so many scents that you’ll always have a new scent to look forward to trying!

Find Qualitas Candles here on Lux & Eco:

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